Want horse-riding-tips that will feed your passion for horses?

As horse enthusiasts, we can never get enough horse-riding-tips, horse-information, or good common sense horse-training-tips. We want more of everything that has to do with our horses.

Practical horse-riding-tips, horse-stories and friendly people to share our experiences with, are part of what horses are all about.From horse health to horse behavior we want to know it all and experience it all.

Every time we come across another horse tip or new idea,we run down to the barn and show our equine companion how clever we are. Oh so patiently he allows us to put this new found tidbit into practice.

...ask an old friend

It is amazing what a wealth of knowledge and experience you can accumulate over 40 years especially riding, training and caring for hundreds of horses over those years.

Even the rough times somehow hold a tender spot in our hearts and brings out a chuckle. Those frustrating moments with our horse, that we finally manage to overcome, just add to our inner resources. We stash those failures and successes away in our mental library . Then some other day, perhaps with another horse, we are pleased with ourselves when our mental reference library of horse-riding-tips tells us …“Ok, I’m on top of this!”

I have condensed these practical Horse-Riding-Tips into an easy to follow guide for riders of all levels. It is a summary of these many years, many horses, and many horse masters who have helped in my quest for.....harmony between horse and rider.

….with experience comes wisdom

The knowledge gained from horses never becomes out dated or useless. It just blossoms and grows with every added cherished memory.

For instance….*When I was a child discovering horses I wanted to know the names of all the parts of my pony.Today horse-anatomy has evolved into how aspects such as biomechanics, vision and hearing of the horse influences our riding and training.

*My early experiences in dressage and 3-day-eventing led me to the fascinating world of equestrian sports.

*My first trail ride evolved into a love of dressage, as an art form.

…putting your knowledge where your mouth is

I have graduated from barn brat to master in horse-chat. Friends(or complete “ horse” strangers) will start a conversation with me about anything from feeding tips, horse-riding-tips, to the latest and greatest grooming techniques. Anything horse related is a good excuse to begin an animated discussion here at Horse-Riding-Tips -n-Chat. Somehow there is an instant connection with your fellow horse-chatter.

Chatting about this morning’s trail ride or your latest horse adventure is a way to share your love and passion for horses without becoming insanely repetitious …. “I love my horses” ..“My horse this….My horse that”.

…..expressing your passion for horses

As a young girl I could never get enough pony time. So when I could not be riding a pony I would draw horse-pictures.

Today my down time and the artistic side of me, are quenched with horse-art, horse-quotes, horse-poems and even horse clip-art. I have accumulated this art and artsy apparel through the years. I feel somehow obligated to feed this creative side of me at any opportunity I find. All the pages here at horse-riding-tips are a great way to share these pictures and artwork with fellow horse-lovers. Which leads me to other ……

…..benefits of being a horse lover.....while keeping our sense of humor..

....our horses save us money (because we are too busy to go on shopping sprees to the local mall). Now mind you, visiting every tack supply shop on every continent is not, I repeat NOT just shopping. It is an educational experience that helps nurture, as an adult, my creative side. :) Even just the smell and feel of horse tack is a creative experience.

....our ponies can start us on a path of early career development. :) Some of the best vets I know started their training caring for their first horse. My farrier, an avid rodeo rider, started learning about horse's feet ( at age 10) when his pony lost a shoe and had to be pulled out of the 4-H competition that day.

....our horses make us health conscious. Since that first carrot fed to that first pony, I have cared for dozens of horses. I observed how their nutritional needs affects their performance and disposition. I have accumulated some darn good horse health advise. I draw from this accumulated knowledge when I can’t get a straight reply from one of my equine friends. “ Not eating today? Anything wrong?” Droopy head, glazed, inert eyes, look at me as if to say: “ You're supposed to know.” And… most of the time I do! Or I can find the answer in horse health advice and horse-stories that have been shared with me over the years . Good, solid shared experiences of others who have “been there, done that”


Put up your saddle---
....pull up a hay bale---
........grab your favorite thirst quencher---
............let’s get down to some serious horse-chat.

Find what you need- learn what you can- share what you will.

Relate to my memories - let’s have a laugh together.

Horses are a passion - passion feeds a never ending need to learn

Learning keeps us young - but yet - it makes us wise.

It’s all here………………………ENJOY

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Horse-riding-tips start with the basics. Good horsemanship, whether it be in english or western tack or bareback is just good horsemanship. That special communication between rider and horse........
horse-riding-tips The Movements
Horse-riding-tips. The ridability of the horse is developed through a set of exercises called the movements The movements are exercises such as the leg yield, shoulder in, half pass, and piaffe.
Horse-Riding-Tips The Aids
The method that we use, explained here in Horse-Riding-Tips, to communicate with our non verbal partner the horse, are called The Aids. This is a communication based on feel and touch.
Riders Position
What is the correct riders position in the saddle? Whether you ride in a western saddle or a dressage saddle there is a corect position that enables the horse to find and maintain his balance.
Horse Riding Tips
Horse Riding Tips 2a: the positon of the rider's hands is important for communicating with the horse thru the bit and for stabalizing the rider's position as well as the horse's balance. The type..
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Horse-riding-tips: about stretching your horse. The correct way to stretch your horse and get the proper relaxation of the back without sacrificing balance. Stretching versus riding on the forehand
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Dressage-Arena Glossary of Terms
Every sport has its 'lingo'. Here's a dressage-arena glossary of terms that can help you when communicating with instructors, riders and by judges on the score sheets of dressage tests.
Horse Riding Tips
Horse Riding Tips. Help with training, riding and horse behavior. Ask a question or submit a comment and have your fellow horse experts or Diane give you tips and advise.
Dressage Freestyle
A dressage freestyle well designed and finely executed can be enjoyed by everyone even if they are not familiar with the sport or the art of dressage
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Horse-Training-Tips Introduction
After 25 years of teaching and training I have formulated a few good horse-training-tips to help with the basics of “getting along with your horse……”
Horse-behavior, mystery or logic? Understanding the way horses think, act and react, can demystify the techniques of communicating with the horse. Horses and humans have more in common then not ...
Body language of horses
The Why, What and How of the body language of horses. People and horses use body-language to communicate. Some people are just better "listeners" than others. Developing our skills of observation is
Horse-Behavior Demystified
Horse-Behavior Demystified....It was not so many days ago that a curious incident brought to my awareness how mysterious horses are to some people. Strange since the horse has been domesticated for
Horse-behavior ..How Horses Communicate
Observing horse-behavior and how horses communicate with each other, leads us to a language where the body must take over for the voice. In the absense of a shared verbal language, horses and humans..
Horse-anatomy can go far beyond just ‘the parts of the horse’. How the horse’s hearing, vision and biomechanics influence our riding and training adds a hole new perspective to the subject.
Horse-Anatomy-Biomechanics of the Horse
Horse-Anatomy-Biomechanics of the horse is is an essential tool for riding and training. Ever wonder why some horses look so graceful with certain riders?
Horse-Anatomy Hearing
Horse-anatomy...the horse’s ears have to be one of the most expressive parts of his anatomy. The ears can convey so much information about his personality, his mood and even alert you to...
Horse-Anatomy Vision
Horse-Anatomy Vision...You'r riding down a quiet trail. Before you know it, with his wide panoramic monocular vision, your horse has detect some movement somewhere that you cannot see.
Lets Horse-Chat about the Basics
A typical day at the barn provides us with great horse-chat material. Anything and everything you can do with horses is fun to talk about and discuss. Need some advise? Have a suggestion?........
Horse-Chat... A Handy Feeding-Tips Chart
Horse-chat about nutrition is a lengthy topic. Everyone has opinions to share that are worth listening to. Here are some handy horse feeding-tips, with a quick reference chart on how much to feed.
Horse-Chat The Stallion Xampu
One of the topics in Horse-Chat that seems to be of interest to everyone is the story about My Stallion Xantel and how he recently got cast in his stall. Wow that was a stressful day...
Horse-Chat Why Ride
Horse-chat about why we ride....so where does the passion come from?
Horse-stall bedding and Mucking
Mucking a horse-stall and filling it with fresh bedding makes for happy horses and satisfied horse owners.
Equestrian-sports are for everyone no matter what your age, ability or interest level. Even as a dressage rider I have enjoyed participating in polo, reining, eventing and even barrel racing.
The history-of-the-horse starts with the Condylarthra which were the ancestors of all hoofed mammals.
equestrian-sports Competitive Dressage
One of the equestrian-sports that has grown a lot in the last few decades is competitive Dressage. Think of it as competitive horse training. Dressage attracts people of all ages & ability levels.
The History-of-Dressage
An integral part of the History-of-Dressage are the writings of Xenophon (360 BC) which examine the training of the horse in terms of the understanding the horse's psyche and the use of kindness and
Classical-Dressage or Dressage-as-an-Art
Classical-dressage can be considered an art. Adding passion and espression to the techniques of riding and training, leads a rider into a whole new perception of horses, dressage and communicating.
Classical Dressage -The Masters
The great classical dressage masters have left us a written account of the experience and knowledge gained over a lifetime of studying the training of the horse.
Horse-Diseases and Horse Health
Recognizing horse-diseases and lameness....is all part of good horse management. Wouldn't it be great if horses could just tell us what was hurting them or making them feel ill?
Horse-nutrition is a subject that has grown as fast as the different brands of horse feed concentrates. Some basic facts about the horse's digestive system and eating habits can help solve feeding ..
Horse-Diseases Colic
Horse-diseases such as Colic in horses due to impaction can sometimes be successfully handled surgically. Levi is living proof of that!
Horse-Diseases Strangles
Horse-diseases such as strangles can put your whole barn was in a panic!
Horse-Diseases Laminitis
One of the horse-diseases that can affect ponies in particular is Laminitis. The thought of our little Navajo suffering from laminitis gave us a real fright.
Horse-diseases Navicular Syndrome
How the pony Black Jack deals with one of the fairly common horse-diseases, or lamenesses: naviculariar At 16 years old and he is still performing.
Favorite and not so well known horse-quotes. Horses teach us a lot of things about life. Sometimes the right combination of words can sum it up just perfectly!
Horse-quotes 2
More of your favorite and not so well known horse-quotes. Horses teach us a lot of things about life. Sometimes the right combination of words can sum it up just perfectly!
Dressage-quotes from famous horse masters of dressage. There is a lot to be learned and to apply to our daily riding and training by reading and remembering some of these truely great quotes.
Horse-Quotes -The Masters
Horse-quotes from one of the great riding masters of the 1800's, manages to explain the very tricky subject of communicating with the horse through the language of touch in a very clear manner.
Horse-poems and Verses
Horse-poems and verses old and new. Horses can inspire people in many ways.
Horse-Quotes For Riders
Some of these horse-quotes for riders are just the thing we need, when we wonder if we are the only ones that are so impassioned about our horses and our riding. Well we are not. It's been around ..
Horse-clipart is a great way to express yourself. Find clipart gifts, stickers, hats, keychains, t-shirts, even clipart with your favorite quotes! I would love to have you add to the collection...
Here is some more of my own dressage-clipart that I have accumulated over the years.
Horse clipart is fun and if it's "free-horse-clipart " it's even better. Copy and paste these pictures onto your emails, letters, calendars, notepads. Enjoy!...
Horse-breeds.....When man started domesticating horses approximately 3000 years ago there existed 4 distinct types of horses different in appearance, conformation and abilities.
Types of Horses
Horses can be classified by types of horses, breeds, color or even size. A type of a horse usually refers to his ability or conformation that might predispose him for a certain task.
Horse-breeds The Andalusian
The Andalusian horse is one of the famous Spanish Horse-breeds.
Horse-Breeds Anglo-Arab
The Anglo-Arab-horse began as one of the modern horse-breeds in early 20th century France
Horse-breeds Hanoverian
One of many delightful horse-breeds the Hanoverian traces back to ...
Horse-Breeds Riding Pony
The Riding Pony is actually one of many horse-breeds. It is a breed that is registered through the National Pony Society Stud Book.
Horse-Breeds Lusitano
The Lusitano horse is acknowledged as one of Iberian horse-breeds, originating in Portugal . Under Roman rule the Portuguese territory was known as Lusitania and thus the name Lusitano.
Horse-Breeds Oldenburg
One of the horse-breeds originating in Europe, the Oldenburg is a cross between three types of horses , the German, the Spanish and the Italian
Horse-Breeds Thoroughbred
The Thoroughbred has played an incomparable role in upgrading many horse-breeds and in establishing new breeds.
Horse-breeds TheTrakehner
Of all horse-breeds, the Trakehner , although a warm blood is closes in appearance to the thoroughbred.
Horse-articles that are fun and entertaining to read as well as educational. Learn what you can, share what you will, and most importantly enjoy...
Horse-facts about behavior are presented here in a concise list. When observing our horse's behavior these facts can help us to understand why our horse is acting or reacting in a certain way .
horse-facts and interesting horse tips
Knowing some horse-facts is always handy when chatting with other horse people. Some people like to think of themselves as horse trivia experts. Of course they are also educational and come in handy
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I have been reading your pages on horse behavior and would like to say I am very impressed with the intelligent, objective approach taken by the writer who obviously loves and respects horses.

The fact that you don't over-sentimentalize the subject (except perhaps a few of the poems), but rather combine a warm caring attitude towards horses with down to earth honesty and frankness is very appealing.Richard Winkler Seattle, WA, USA

Keep all the great horse information coming! Love your pics! Steve from Oregon

Your site has provided me with so much useful and heartfelt insight into my horse. And I have been riding for 12 years! I look forward to reading your new articles as they arrive. Sylvia from France

Thank you so much for your caring and prompt response to my horse concerns. I have put your advise into practice and the results are more and more noticeable every day. Ashley from Florida