The Dressage-Arena

Practical Guide for Riding

Welcome to The Dressage-Arena.

You have probably read quite a bit of Horse-Riding-Tips-n-Chat before finally arriving here. This is where you will find practical applications for the riding tips, you have read about. You may be riding as: a hobby, or a sport , or if that sport is taken beyond its limits you may be riding as an art.

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In any case The Dressage-Arena can:

  • help you to practice the basics with your partner….the horse.
  • help you to practice the language of communication
  • increase your awareness of biomechanics of the horse and rider
  • help you to use the arena in an effective manner
  • help you to ride the movements effectively
  • help you set goals and provide you with the means for achieving those goals.
  • teach you the exercises necessary to make your partner the horse, supple, attentive, obedient and confident

The format

In each Dressage-Arena lesson there will be a format that
is easily followed and understood.
This format will outline

  • the figures
  • the movement
  • the purpose of the movement and it’s difficulty
  • the biomechanics
  • The aids
  • things that may go wrong (woops!)
  • Tips for your position
  • supporting diagrams

The Goal

Many times a big part of a lesson with a rider is spent on explanations of what we will do, how we will do it and why we are doing it. I find that if a student comes to a riding session having previewed the goals for our lesson, they are more confident and at ease. There is a greater quality of time spent in the saddle as well as a greater quantity of information that is communicated by the instructor and absorbed by the rider.

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The Dressage-Arena Benefits

This practical guide hopes to:

  1. give riders a system for practicing their riding in between instruction.
  2. be a reference guide to look back on previous subjects as a refresher if riders encounter stumbling blocks
  3. instill the basics of riding and horsemanship. Remember that if you learn the basics of riding ….correctly, you can always revert to them when something goes wrong and you need some time to ….think it through.
  4. give some purpose in your riding. It gives you a plan so you don’t ride around aimlessly accomplishing nothing but exhausting yourself and your horse.
  5. help you to solve communication problems between you and your horse.
  6. help you to develop the common sense or “horse sense” needed to take factual knowledge of the horse and apply it positively to the training of the horse

    Let me leave you with a quote that might help to sum up the intent of The-Dressage-Arena.

    Quote for a day in the Dressage Arena

    "A simple movement requested with discreet aids and “gaily given” without the slightest blunder or hesitation, is of far more artistic value than a difficult one wrested from the horse who renders it halfheartedly and without grace. All your life you must tirelessly strive for closer communication with your horses till they obey your slightest signals. Their ever increasing refinement is a measure of your own.” ~ Jean Froissard

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