I started making and compiling dressage-clipart years ago. I began in an unusual way. I started simplifying pictures of my horses doing certain movements in order to see and understand the biomechanics of... lets say... the leg-yield or the balanced halt.

Today I find dozens of uses for these simplified pictures. For instance using dressage clipart on my calendar gives me some goals to shoot for. It also helps me stay organized with my training schedule. I stick a piaffe on Monday....a long & low on Tuesday.....Spanish Walk every Sunday....

You get the picture :)

Click on an image below to get great stickers, cards, letterhead and more

horse-clipart horse-clipart horse-clipart
Classical Dressage3 Classical Dressage 4 Classical Dressage 5

horse-clipart horse-clipart horse-clipart
Classical Dressage 2 Classical Dressage 6 Classical Dressage 7


horse-clipart horse-clipart
Classical Dressage 8 Classical Dressage 9 Classical Dressage 10

Uses for horse-clipart...

Click on a product image to get yours today.

Add them to your Letterhead

Classical Dressage 18 Letterhead letterhead
Classical Dressage 18 Letterhead

Make a Desk Sculpture.

Classical Dressage 6 Sculpture photosculpture
Classical Dressage 6 Sculpture

Make invitations to your special event.

Classical Dressage 16 invitation
Classical Dressage 16

Make a Refigerater Magnet

Classical Dressage 4 magnet
Classical Dressage 4

Make bumper stickers.

Classical Dressage 15 Bumper Sticker bumpersticker
Classical Dressage 15 Bumper Sticker

Make Stickers

Classical Dressage 7 sticker
Classical Dressage 7

There must be dozens of fun ways to use clip art. I hope you find something you can use, share or give as a gift!

For more Dressage Clipart click this Link

Dressage Clipart 2

Horse Quote for Quiet Evening

If you have it, it is for life.
It is a disease for which there is no cure.
You will go on riding
even after they have to haul you
onto a comfortable wise old cob,
with feet like inverted buckets
and a back like a fireside chair."
~ Monica Dickens

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