Dressage Freestyle

Dressage Freestyle. Horses and Music! Dancing horses!

Horses and music are a tradition that date back many centuries.

Yet the Kur or competitive freestyle started fairly recently at the 1985 Volvo World Cup. The first Olympics to include freestyle was the Atlanta Olympics of 1996.

In North America freestyles are offered at all levels of competition and are gaining tremendous popularity both among riders and spectators. And no wonder!. Everyone can relate to a horse and rider dancing to a beat and the sound of an orchestra. Most people can even feel inspired by it!

Dressage at the upper levels of FEI walks a fine line between sports and art. This is especially evident in the freestyle or Kur and everyone enjoys art.

The musical freestyle is available to all riders and even ponies and it offers a wonderful venue for the horses to express themselves and their personalities. Yes horses enjoy moving to music.

So what is dressage in it's ultimate art form? Judge for yourself. Whether you are a dressage enthusiast or rider, an aspiring freestyle competitor or a backyard horse lover ...this is truly dressage... as an art.

Fuego XII and Juan Munoz Diaz WEG Grand Prix Freestyle

Totilas & Edward Gal WEG Grand Prix Freestyle

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