Dressage-quotes from some of the great dressage riders and trainers is a real source of inspiration. There is a lot to be learned and to apply to our daily riding and training just remembering some of these truly great dressage-quotes.

The masters of dressage, dating back to Xenophon in 350 BC and even as recently as Reiner Klimke(1964-1988) have left us with a wealth of knowledge in their writings.How lucky for us that not only were they such great masters of training and riding but that they could express their knowledge and love for the horse in such a poetic way.

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Dressage-quotes inspirational....

"Always close the door to the high-tech world firmly behind you and walk through a corridor of relaxation and collection, before you enter the space that is occupied by creatures who are closer to nature than many people of this day and age." ~ Dorothee Baumann-Pellny

"Centering is a quieting of motion without loss of vitality." ~ Kenneth Beittel

"We imitate our masters only because we are not yet masters ourselves, and only because in doing so we learn the truth about what cannot be imitated" ~ Kenneth Beittel

“A good hand is the one that can resist and yield when necessary and receive with precision the action created by the legs.” ~ Salomon de la Broue

"You must in all Airs follow the strength, spirit, and disposition of the horse, and do nothing against nature; for art is but to set nature in order, and nothing else." ~ William Cavendish the 1st Duke of Newcastle

"Deepest, flat knee, low heel, and a bottom that never left the saddle, always elastically flexed abdominal and back muscles, and gently swinging hips with upright head carriage and elastically absorbing shoulders, elbows, and wrists achieved such a steady, closed, elastic contact between horse and rider that a yielding of the poll and back was the automatic consequence." ~ Felix Burkner

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"Brutality begins where knowledge ends. Ignorance and compulsion appear simultaneously." ~ Charles de Kunffy

"Some riders don’t realize that a condition- sine qua non- for a successful communication with the horse is on the one hand to apply the aids with increasing intensity, as needed, and on the other hand to cease the aid as soon as it is effective, regardless of whether it is a seat, leg, or rein aid.~ Gustav von Dreyhausen

"The rider must listen into the horse, in order to judge when the moment for an aid has come, which aid is needed and how intense it must be. He must know how to create or wait for the right circumstances, to prepare the horse.~ Gustav von Dreyhausen

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Dressage-Quotes Practical

"Xenophon was the first one to claim that horses can become only more beautiful with correct training, never uglier. I would like to add to this that if the horse becomes uglier in the course of his work, it is the unmistakable proof for a wrong dressage training." ~ Colonel Alois Pohajsky

“As a result of the appropriate gymnastics and training of the horse, the appearance and the movements of the horse will be more beautiful.”~ Colonel Alois Pohajsky

"As the blind person touches the object before him very softly and lightly with his fingertips in order not to interfere with the work of the sensitive nerve ends by too much pressure, so it is the rider's first obligation to keep soft and natural those parts of his body with which he feels his horse. If his seat meets this requirement, he will soon feel the movement of the horse's legs and will be able to distinguish each individual one; he will thus have the means at his disposal with which to control them as if they were his own. ~ G.Steinbrecht

"The moment he acknowledges it [the bit] and begins to raise his neck, give him the bit". ~ Xenophon

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