The Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian is one of the most famous Spanish horse-breeds. In the sixteenth century the elegance and nobility of the Andalusian horse made it a preferred mount of the monarchs of Europe.

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Meet Diego

Age" 2000
Color: Gray
Height: 15-3 hands
weight: #1100
Job: Dressage

This is an ancient breed... of uncertain origins. We do know that it comes from the region of southern Spain. As early as 800 BC a native horse existed in Spain that resembled the Sorraian pony, which could have been crossed with the Barb Horses of the invading Muslims.

During the Renaissance,... the Spanish horse gained fame in all of Europe as and excellent riding horse with elegance, good temperament and extraordinary beauty. The Andalusian was taken to the Americas by the conquistadors and became the foundation stock for most of the new breeds developed by the settlers.

The survival of the pure Andalusian horse.... was threatened many times through out history during times of war. The breed was protected by monastic orders by moving the studs and mares to secluded monasteries.

The most notable of these monastic orders were the Carthusians who were known to produce consistently high quality horses and maintained the purity of the Andalusian line.

Description: Long and very luxuriant manes and tails. Elegant build but short strong bodies. Thick but elegant neck, well sloped shoulder.

Height: 15 to 15-2 hands

Color: Mostly gray but bay is the next most common color

Interesting facts : At one time a strain of spotted Andalusians were popular (although they are no longer bred for color). These spotted horses were responsible for the founding of the Appaloosa breed in America.

Other breeds... that are descendant from the Andalusian include The Lipizzaners, the Friesians, the Holstein and the Connemara

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