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Horse Chat

My Funny Horse

This horse chat page gives you a chance to relate stories to all our readers about your horse. I'll start off by telling you about one of my stallions that has a really quirky personality.

Meet Xantel

Age: 2003
Gender: Stallion
Color: Gray
Height: 15-2 hands
Weight: 1000
Job: Dressage

Xantel is the main character of this horse chat story. It was a winter day not long after I had brought Xantel home. Too cold to ride, but not wanting to leave him in his stall all day, I took him to his turn out.

There was a ball (one of those horse balls) laying around. I threw it to him in hopes that it would entertain him a bit and make him move around. It landed close to his feet and I turned to leave.

Taking a few steps I felt the ball hit me on my leg. I turned around and there it was at my feet with Xantel staring intently at me.

I stood there puzzled for a minute. I picked up the ball and threw it back to him. When it landed he trotted over and picked it up by the handle and tossed it back!

He strutted around, head and tail held high as if he was very amused and proud of himself.

Again I tossed the ball and again he retrieved it and tossed it back.

My horse was playing! Really?

I have worked with and known hundreds of horses. I had, until that day, never experienced this type of behavior.

Xantel was actually playing ball.

I have tried several variations of ball playing. If I kick it to him he will charge it, turn and kick it with his hind legs or run at it and bat it with his front leg.

He is very happy to play this for long periods of time without losing interest.

Xantel is not very interested in other horses. He has accepted me as a member of his herd.

Although sometimes I can't be sure who is at the top of the pecking order :)!

I have to remind him once in a while that he is bigger and stronger than me and that he needs to respect my space. Once this is clear ...playing ball is one of our favorite ways to exercise on our days off.

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Good Times with your horse!  I thought this would be a good topic to hear all of those touching, funny and fun moment you have had with your horse. I know that when I think about things ...

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