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Funny Horse Stories

The Lost Pony

My name is PonaPee . I am an 11 hand Welsh Pony that lives at Tally Ho Farm in Park City ,Utah. pony Enjoy this print? Visit us at our store Gifts for Horse Lovers My best friend is Navajo. Here we are together just loving life. My day job is to help teach children how to ride . I love my work. It comes with all kinds of special perks, like treats , back rubs and long walks in the mountains. My night job :) is to try to get into as much trouble as I can with my buddy Navajo. When you’re small and agile like us you can get around a lot of “man-made” obstacles like fences, doors and gates. Sometimes being small can get you into a whole lot of big trouble. …..

Like the time I slid out of my corral in between the fence rail. Clever me never left a sign of my escape. I wandered around looking for hay and grain that might have been left out. Next thing I know I am locked up in a small tack room where I new the sugar cubes grew. Getting in was easy but when I turned around, I accidentally bumped the door with me tail and slam! I rummaged around for a while but then the sun came up and I started getting hungry and bored so I decided to lay down and take a nap. I woke up to people shouting my name and a lot of hustle and bustle in the barn. I tried to call out “ here I am “ but no one could hear.

It was almost 2 hours later when my owner came to get a saddle that she opened the door and her well….there I was. You should have seen the look on her face. Kids and people started running up to us crying and laughing and pretty soon we were all smashed in that little room, and I was definitely the center of attention. That part was great, getting treats and rubs and hugs.

They took me out, checked me over, gave me tons of treats, and then put me back in my corral with lots of fresh hay and water. My buddy Navajo asked me where I had been . “Night job” I said. He nodded…

He knows how hard ponies work for their treats!

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