Why Ride?

So Where Does the Passion Come From?

This is a horse-chat topic that we can all really get into. :)

Many times the connection to horses is handed down through generations.

My first recollection of horses was at the age of three when my family and I lived in Puerto Rico for a time. My father was involved in emerald mines. In the early 50's horses in Puerto Rico were still used for work and transportation. It was easier to get around in the mountains on horses then in a car.

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Once or twice, I was lead around on a horse. My mother only remembers that I loved sitting on the horse and would giggle and refuse to come down. But I can say that for me the passion for horses must have been handed down and skipped some generations. When I got into riding-horses in a big way, leaving a profitable architectural firm,my mother was baffled. My entire family is very much city people whose idea of a pet is a goldfish. I don't say this in a bad way, it is just a fact. So my puzzled mother decided to study our genealogy and found out that her great grandfather had been a famous horse trainer in Hungary in the 1800's. That seemed to satisfy her that shehad not picked up the wrong baby at the hospital.

So where does the passion for riding come from?

Horse-Chat possibility # 1...

Sometimes we grow up with horses.....

which was NOT the case with me. But fortunately it was for my three children. They grew up with horses and ponies and trail rides and equestrian sports. The kids and I had many fun adventures and memorable experiences on horses. I was fortunate that they were all good riders and had a lot of fun with it. We made some great memories.

Horse-Chat possibility # 2...

Sometimes the passion for horses and riding starts with one particular experience.....

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When I was 8 years old I went to summer camp. One of the activities we could participate in was horse back riding. I looked forward to that with heart beating anticipation. No riding lessons, helmets or even a semblance of order. We would just go and pick out a horse that was already tacked up ( I always picked the fast, high strung ones) . We would head down the dirt road and ride for hours in the mountains. Sometimes when we were out of sight of the camp house, the teenage counselor, would ignore us and let us 'do our own thing'. We raced each other and galloped to our hearts delight. Falling off or slamming legs into trees and getting scratched up in the brush was just all part of the thrill.

Horse-Chat possibility # 3...

Horses capture our imagination....

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Returning to the camp house I could feel my heart sink. How was I going to get through the other 'boring' activities? Swimming, art, games etc ...all I could think about was riding!

The headmistress of the camp raised Andalusian horses. Sometimes in the late afternoons her son would show up on his jet black Andalusian. I would run and crouch behind a stone wall just out side the main gate. Upon leaving he would see me. Shaking his head and grinning he would lift me onto the prancing Stallion. Off we would go at a brisk pace up into the mountains and back again. .......yep! things fairy tales are made of. Can't say I remember the young man who had the girl counselors swooning but I remember every muscle, fiber and detail of that stallion..Viento.

Horse-Chat possibility # 4...

Horses and children just seem to attract eachother...

The only other opportunity I had to ride when I was a young girl was in the green meadows and mountains around Bogota. In those days girls were not allowed to be unaccompanied anywhere. Disguised as boys, in my brothers clothes, my best friend Maria Sol and I would walk miles and miles with a bit of rope in our pocket. We would encounter a lone horse in a pasture far from any watchful eye, and it would be like striking gold. Gently we would approach it, tie the rope around its neck and lead it to the nearest rock or fallen log. I would get on first and Maria Sol would climb up behind me.

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We would just sit there and let the horse keep grazing , carrying us around from one side of the pasture to the other. At times a horse would break out into a trot or a even a gallop and we would laugh, giggle and hang on for dear life. Of course there was no steering to be done either with the rope around the neck! Many times we would wind up in a heap on the wet grass and just continue our laughing, believing we were the luckiest girls on earth.... Getting dumpedoff his back was a small price to pay to be allowed to ride this most wonderful of creatures....the horse.

Horse-Chat possibility # 5...

Sometimes we are introduced to horses through formal instruction.

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One day we all loaded up into the car and drove 2 hours to a ranch. They gave people riding lessons in a large round pen with high solid walls you could not see out of. There must have been 25 of us going round and round this pen trying to follow the instructions of the monotone instructor sitting on his horse.. Walk....stop....walk....turn...
walk....I wanted so much to be noticed and allowed to do more. But when the hour was almost up I could resist no longer and started trotting and cantering around avoiding the other horses and ignoring everyone. The instructor called the lesson to an end because the hour was up ...but allowed me to stay and ride and gave me a small private lesson on aids and position. Then much to my delight, a helper came out and set up a small cross bar. I watched as the instructor and his horse magnificently cantered over the jump. I followed without being asked to. The feeling of guiding the horse to, and jumping an obstacle was....was...unforgettable. Imagine my delight some years later when I discovered that there was an actual Equestrian Sport....Jumpers and three day eventing!

I was captivated. Unfortunately that was my first and last formal horse riding lesson in my pre teen years. My riding experience would continue to be on the backsof unknown horses, found in secluded pastures. But how lucky I was anyway.

Horse-Chat possibility # 6...

So where does our passion for horses and riding come from....?

Where does 'your ' passion for horses come from?

Share your passion with others...we'd love to hear from you.

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