I started dabbling into making horse-clipart some years ago.

Imagine, I used to draw them by hand! :)

Sometimes I needed a certain picture of a certain horse to illustrate a point I was making to my students. I would find the image in a magazine and cut it out and paste it to my page or poster board.

Actually this is the way clip art originated...making what was then called paste-ups. Later with the advent of desk top publishing, electronic "paste-ups" became available to the general public.

Horse clip art....
is of course a favorite of horse lovers. Now I am in the process of compiling some of "my" favorites to share with you, my readers, visitors and students. You’ll find horse-illustrations, dressage-clipart, maybe we will even add horse emoticons!

Uses for Clip Art

Canter Pirouette black mug
Canter Pirouette black
Classical Dressage Clipart sticker
Classical Dressage Clipart
Classical Dressage 16 invitation
Classical Dressage 16
Make A Mug Make Stickers Make An Invitation

Jump For Joy button
Jump For Joy
Jump For Joy hat
Jump For Joy
Galloping keychain
Make A Button Make a Hat Make a Keychain

Horses fill our lives with color apron
Horses fill our lives with color
Three on trail card
Three on trail by - Di.Wi. mousepad by - Di.Wi.
Make An Apron Make Cards Make a Mousepad

There must be dozens of fun ways to use clipart . I hope you find something you can use or share!

Get Started Here! Click on Picture. Have Fun!


Dressage Lovers..


Click here for Dressage Clipart-

Quote for a Tuesday

"Far back, far back in our dark soul
the horse prances....
The horse, the horse!
The symbol of surging potency and
power of movement, of action.." ~ D.H. Lawrence

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