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Apr 09, 2011

Gifts for Pony Lovers

Gifts for pony lovers is the place to find tack and horse supplies for your child 7 pony. Riding helmets, boots, bridles, gifts, toys, pony blankets and kids riding apparel at great prices. Name bran

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Apr 09, 2011

Dressage Queen

Dressage Queen is freshly coifed. Not even she remembers her own hair color, but she has taken great pains to ensure that Rolfe, the hairdresser, makes

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Apr 09, 2011


 POTENTIAL DANGER OF HORSE HAIR  In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance

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Apr 09, 2011

Make your own fabulous beaded browband!

Hi Diane, I thought your riders might enjoy this site that sells browbands that have a channel so you can bead them yourself. There are instructions

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Mar 22, 2011

horse-riding-tips The Movements

Horse-riding-tips. The ridability of the horse is developed through a set of exercises called the movements The movements are exercises such as the leg yield, shoulder in, half pass, and piaffe.

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Mar 22, 2011

Horse-Riding-Tips Stretching your Horse

Horse-riding-tips: about stretching your horse. The correct way to stretch your horse and get the proper relaxation of the back without sacrificing balance. Stretching versus riding on the forehand

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Feb 12, 2011

Horse Tips -Tack-N-Tidbits

If you're looking for horse tips, recommendations on horse tack, and supplies, and tidbits of wisdom about horses... subscribe to Horse-Riding-Tips-N-Chat ezine. It keeps you up to date on .........

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Feb 10, 2011

Dressage Freestyle

A dressage freestyle well designed and finely executed can be enjoyed by everyone even if they are not familiar with the sport or the art of dressage

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Feb 02, 2011

Horse-Breeds Pinto

Some horse-breeds were created specifically for their color. The PInto Horse is a stock type horse that is registered and bred mainly for its color pattern.

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Feb 02, 2011

Horse Supplies

All the latest and greatest horse supplies for you , your horse and your barn. Great prices on saddles, bridles, stable supplies and horse blankets. Easy to find quality tack from your favorite brand

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Jan 31, 2011

Horse Tips -Tack-N-Tidbits

If you're looking for horse tips, recommendations on horse tack, and supplies, and tidbits of wisdom about horses... subscribe to Horse-Riding-Tips-N-Chat ezine. It keeps you up to date on .........

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Jan 28, 2011


This is the place to find gifts-for-horselovers. Gifts with your favorite horse quotes, horse pictures, horse apparel, horse posters and horse art

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Jan 28, 2011

Horse Health Care

Find horse health care products and medicines that you need to keep on hand for your horse's first aid and general horse management. You can handle most first aid needs of your horse if you are prep..

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Jan 28, 2011

Dressage Saddles

Buy dressage saddles that offer quality at a great price. These saddles are discounted but highly recommended for the craftsmanship, stability and support given to riders leg /position and comfort....

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Jan 28, 2011

Horse Grooming Supplies

Find horse grooming supplies, grooming brushes, horse combs, braiding supplies, and everything to make your horse beautiful and healthy. Make him shine with the newest and best grooming supplies at .

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