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The Riders Hands

What is the correct way for the rider to carry their hands?

Horse Riding Tips 2a: the position of the rider's hands is important for communicating with the horse thru the bit and for stabalizing the riders position as well as the horses balance. The type of bit being used, the balance and self carriage of the horse will also determine to varying degrees the elevation of the hand but never their basic positioning.

riders hands (top left to right)

1. covered (piano)Hand
not correct
2. correct hand

3. hand stiff-broken wrist
not correct
4. Hands pressed down
not correct

5. reins uneven
not correct
6. fingers open
not correct

Remember Riding Tip #2?.....

keeping it simple....Riding is the art of communicating to the horse your desire to be carried from point A to point B (on his back)

Whether you are trail riding, jumping a fence, reining, roping, or playing polo, you need to communicate to your horse that you want to get from point A to point B.How he gets there is just a matter of perfecting that means of communication. A good instructor can advance your efforts in riding by teaching you the "language" of communicating with your horse.

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The Correct way to carry a whip.

Note that when the position of the hand is correct,
the whip will be carried correctly at the riders leg.

This allows the whip to be used at the boot
with a slight flick of the wrist.

The unintentional movement of the hand in any other
position could cause the whip to be used inadvertently.


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